Michael Thomas

Michael was an East Coast boy for 30 years. He decided to move West 10 years ago without much of a plan. He stopped in Salt Lake City to visit a friend and loved it so much he never left. Mountain biking in Salt Lake, Moab, and the surrounding areas is some the best he's ever ridden and he plans to stick around Utah. He is stoked to do something he is passionate about with other like-minded people and hopes to see everyone on trail or on the shuttles.

Cris Fox

Cris started to shuttle bikes in his minivan in 2013. He began the shuttle to help people access the Wasatch Crest Trail without the traffic hassle and difficult car shuttle logistics. He first rode the Wasatch Crest in 1988 on a 26-inch Mongoose 18-speed, canti-lever brake mountain bike.
According to his Strava, he has logged over 225 Crest runs since he started tracking rides in 2012. Come ride it yourself and see why he keeps going back.