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Big Rack Shuttle

You have up to 24 hours prior to your appointment to reschedule or cancel and get your refund. It is your responsibility to make sure you reschedule or cancel in the given window. No refunds or reschedules within 24 hours due to weather.

SALT LAKE CITY 801-882-7225

MOAB 435-220-0228


The Forest service does not allow us to shuttle e-bikes and they can’t be used on non-motorized trails. Please do not show up for your shuttle with an e-bike!

More information on e-bike regulations in Moab can be found here.

Bicycling on Public Lands

While bicycling is another great way to enjoy your public lands, there are also best-practices to consider to avoid negative impacts.

When riding on public lands, bicyclists are advised to stay on trails and roads designated for use. Cutting switchbacks, creating hill climbs and riding in undesignated areas causes erosion, loss of wildlife habitat and other natural resource damage. Damage caused by riding off trail can cost taxpayer dollars, and citations may be issued to the bicyclist. Help us reduce the impacts of bicycling on public lands so that they can be enjoyed for future generations.

Bicycles should remain on existing roads and trails.
The creation of new trails should be avoided.
Visitors should make sure to take with them any trash and to not litter along the trail.
Viewing wildlife from a safe distance is ok. It is best not to disturb or feed animals.
For more information on the negative effects of off trail bicycle use as well as appropriate trail riding etiquette please check out our partner’s website at Tread Lightly, access the Tread Lightly Communication Toolkit on this website, or access this Tread Lightly Brochure on Mountain Biking.

Preparations for Visiting Your Local National Forest or Grassland

When making preparations to visit your local national forest or grassland, make sure to know before you go.

Visitors should access online resources and interactive maps to check the status of roads and trails. Some trails and roads are permanently closed for construction or to limit environmental impacts of visitors.
Visitors might also consider traveling to closer national forests than ones more distant, allowing for alternatives in case of inclement weather or sudden closures.

Current Shuttle Options


Raptor Route – $30 per rider

Porcupine Rim/LPS – $30 per rider

Mag 7 – $30 per rider

Moab Brands – $20 per rider

Wasatch Crest – Park City – $25 per rider

Wasatch Crest – Salt Lake City – $20 per rider

Wasatch Crest – Mill D – $15 per rider

WOW -$20 per rider

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Open for 2024
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